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Inyección de clorhidrato de petidina de 50 mg/ml, 2 ml



Nombre generico:Pethidine Hydrochlorid Injection                      

Especificación: 50mg/ml, 2ml/ampoule

Número de licencia: H42022074

Indicaciones terapeuticas:

1 This product is indicated for the relief of severe pain, such as wound pain, postoperative pain, narcotic premedication or adjuvants during local anesthesia and intravenous- inhalation combined anesthesia.
2 To treat visceral pain, this product should be compatible with atropine. For labor pain, it should be monitored the respiratory depression of neonates.
3 Before supplying anesthesia, it is often compatible with chlorpromazine and promethazine to compose an artificial hibernation composition.
4 It can be used to treat cardiac asthma to eliminate pulmonarv edema.
5 Chronic severe pain of terminal cancer patients should not be supplied this product for a long time.

55.2*44*24.5cm/carton  N/G.W: 2.2/10kg/carton

Condición de almacenamiento:
Store below 30℃
Protect from light and moisture
Keep out ofreach of children
To be dispensed on medical prescription

Vida útil: 48 meses

Recordatorio amistoso: No lo use sin consultar a su médico.